Secret Boxes

“Secret” boxes are lined with crushed velvet and have a secret hidden compartment to hide your valuables! Great for organizing watches, keys, coins and other odds and ends. Also holds 50 CDs or DVDs.


5 1/2" WIDE x 5 1/2" DEEP x 4 1/4" HIGH


SECRET BOX.................$75



Jimi Hendrix - "Axis"

Kaleidoscopes inspired by the album. "Axis: Bold as Love" is the second studio album by The Jimi Hendrix Experience.





The most charismatic entertainer of all time.




Marilyn Monroe

Hollywood's all-time iconic sex symbol.



Op Art

Concentric circles in black and white. Op art, also known as optical art, is a style of visual art that makes use of optical illusions.



Custom Box

Customize your "Secret" box with images of your family, pets, vacations, hobbies or any other inspiration you can think of.