Tea Boxes

Chamomile? Oolong? Green Tea?

Organize your tea bags and decorate your home at the same time.

Tea boxes have 3 compartments and hold approximately 75 tea bags.


9 1/4" WIDE x 5" DEEP x 4 1/4" HIGH


TEA BAG BOX.................$75




Paul Gaugin

Paul Gauguin was one of the leading French painters of the
Post-Impressionist period.



Tea and Cupcakes

A fun pattern of tea kettles and cupcakes.




The Beatles -"Sgt. Pepper"

Kaleidoscopes inspired by the album. Sgt. Peppers is considered
to be the most influential rock album of all time.




Stars and stripes that bring out the patriot in you.
"Tea" emblazons the cover.